The legend of Devil's Bridge

I have downloaded a scientific article about the legend of Devil Bridge at Google Scholar.

You can read the article by Dr. Carme Oriol from the University Rovira I Virgili here.

There are twenty seven versions in Catalonia of the topic of the Devil building a bridge in one night in exchange for a soul of a victim.

Inside and outside Europe this theme is widespread in the tradition of many countries around the world

Here's how you can see images from Devil's Bridge legends from different countries:

Image from a German tradicional tale

Picture from a Italian tradicional tale

It's a greece bridge

It's a greece bridge

It's another greece bridge

Image from a Turkey tradicional tale

This is the image from a czech story that represents a bridge, supposedly the devil's bridge

It is a devil's bridge in bulgaria, but the message is in russian

This is a bridge located in Italy, it is famous because at night its shadow from the reodnod arch projects a very beautiful image